Sunday, August 28, 2011

Potty Training Yikes!

Well Cody, during Owen's second year of life it was time to potty train you. I would have loved to get it done before he was born, but it just didn't happen. I started because you started to show more interest in the toilet and because you said "I no want it", when I tried to put the diaper on. A month later as I am typing this we are still working at it, but today Aug 28, 2011 was the first day of not one accident! YAY! I am so pleased with you.
I have bought you lots of big boy underwear, and we use a pull up at night, because with a newborn I just don't have the energy to change sheets at night. You are doing well and I am so happy. I think it is partly because I finally found the key to your eggs and Rolos! I tried smarties and gummie candy but this now seems to have caught your attention.
Here is a picture of you in your own version of potty training attire. You love your cowboy boots and cowboy hat. You love to holler "Eeee aww Dowboy"! It is priceless.
Here also is a picture of you in the shower. You seem to like them lately.

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