Thursday, August 25, 2011

July 27th- Welcome to the World

Well little baby, your first due date came and went. Then your second due date came, with definite signs that you were on your way. Mommy attended a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, July 26th and the doctor said she didn't think it was close yet. I was very disappointed because at this time I am not sleeping due to the pain in my hips and constant need to pee. She says that if you don't arrive by Friday she may induce me (Mommy begged).
However, later on Tuesday I started to feel some labor cramps, and began to feel that you must be close to coming out.
July 27th, 2011 Daddy and Mommy went to town to run some errands. I can't remember now what we went to get, but it was probably groceries and a few other things. I think maybe something for the boat. Anyway, Mommy is still having mild cramps. By 3:00 pm after, I wake up from my nap with Cody, I definitely think that the time is near.
By about 6:30 pm I began walking in the yard in order to speed things up. I walked for more than an hour I think. Then went into the house to lay down.
By about 8:00 pm Mommy knew it was time to go to the hospital. Rachel, Daddy's cousin who lives with us, stayed with Cody until Sito could come and take over. They waited up to hear the news.
Mommy and Daddy arrived at the delivery room at 9:00pm. I remember thinking the traffic was so slow, and we even had to slow down for a bear crossing the highway.
Oddly enough, Mommy had the same baby nurse, named Jill that she had with Cody. She is a wonderful nurse and I won't forget her.
Well things went on for over an hour, but before long at 10:31 you arrived! The doctor used the vacuum to assist you so you came out quickly. There you were A BOY! ANOTHER BOY! Daddy and Mommy are very excited.

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