Friday, March 16, 2012

Sleigh Ride and more

One day, while Daddy was home in February Mommy decided to take you, Cody to Moms and Tots. Mommy didn't know it was sleigh ride day, where they had horse drawn sleighs by the local farmers set up for the kids. So we were not properly dressed but we made it work. Lots of the moms there were helpful and lent us a blanket for the ride. It was quite a nice surprise! I don't know if you really could make sense of it!
For this post mommy is also just posting some cute bath time pictures of you, and also a picture of you and Owen in the chairs ready to eat. You are not wiling to give up your high chair so mommy had to improvise. Now Mommy just feeds you one at a time because Owen cannot sit well in the booster seat. Hopefully you will get over it soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Owen: Week 30, 31 & 32

Well I tried to stay on track, but again I am catching up! Seems like that is always the case. So I will just make one big post for the second half of February. Valentine's Day came, but you are too young to really understand. Mommy tried to make Valentine's Hearts with you and Cody, but Cody was not interested! We have started going to Moms and Tots in Mallaig on Wednesdays which seems to be going well. However, we missed two during this time, because both you and Cody had colds with lots and lots of boogers. Also Daddy was home one of the days and it just didn't work out.
Daddy came home on the 20th of February and as always was very excited to see you two. We tried to squeeze as much in as possible, doing a few things around here to catch up too. Mommy spent one day in the city shopping and buying things for herself, Cody and you. You don't really need all that much, because I am still going through a lot of Cody's clothes for you. You fit a lot of it, definitely at a different stage. You are younger, but a bigger baby over all.
You are vocalizing a lot more, making loud noises, saying a lot of da-da-da-da and yelling really loud if you want my attention. You continue to do well with eating though you make it very clear when you do not want any food from a spoon. Sitting is improving, but you still do not like to be on your stomach, and or use your legs to stand. Man you are heavy...kinda hoping you show some initiative to crawl soon!
You also turned 7 months old!! Yippee! Though it means that we are over half way until the time when mommy will be returning to work. This is sort of bittersweet for mommy!
OH I forgot to mention that you had your first little date with Baby Emma. You sat together in the laundry basket, but you were a bit grabby and made her mad really fast!
Also you are now over the weight limit for the infant carseat. So now you have to use the big carseat which is very tricky. Mommy can't carry you easily so we have to use shopping carts and I guess I will have to pack a little stroller now. I sure hope you stop being such a lazy one and start moving around!