Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Owen: Week 7

Hello again my chubby baby. Yes you are chubby! It is the most adorable thing. I think there are 5 baby rolls on each thigh. This week was an eventful one for you. We went to pick up daddy in Edmonton so that he could come home on days off. We spent lots at Costco stocking up the house with diapers, wipes, new books for you, food and many more things!
This week you have begun to smile much more. During diaper changes you smile a lot and especially when we tickle your belly and cheeks. You smile with a big open mouth, gummy smile. You also have begun to use your legs a bit. You kick in the bath tub now (you LOVE your bath) so much that I have already had to put the baby tub inside the big tub to contain the splashes.
I have heard you coo a few times, but not much yet. You are responding well to sounds, by turning your head and moving your eyes. In fact you are a light sleeper, you wake up with noise such as the vacuum. You make good eye contact and are already learning to flirt! Daddy has enjoyed making you smile.
Also during this week we went to visit mommy's cousin Laurie and her two kids, Andrew who is almost 3 and Everly who is 4 mo. Cody had a bit of a melt down, but you were a very good baby. I hope to spend more time with them so that Cody will have a play mate and you both will learn who your cousins are. Uncle Darwin doesn't have kids yet so there are no first cousins on Mommy's side.
Daddy's stay at home was short, but hopefully it won't be long until he comes home again!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh that little boy

Cody is the busiest boy! Well I am sure all kids are at this age. But Cody, my boy you are into everything. Mommy no sooner cleans up, and you are into something scattering a trail behind you. You are famous for unfolding folded clothes too.
Here you are helping roll out dough for biscuits. You love to "help". Actually it is fun watching you try to do the things mommy is doing. The funniest lately was allowing you to crack an egg!
You are talking non stop trying to form sentences and string words together. Some of your funnier words are "tocket mook" or chocolate milk, "Eenack" or Kleenex, "Wunny Gunk" or Funny Skunk". And the way you say "Thank you" is Mommy's favorite-- "Oooh thaaaank you".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cody's Outdoor Adventures

One thing that is very important to Mommy and Daddy is that we spend as much time outside as possible. The nice warm days are few and far between so we try to make the most of them. As I am writing this, the air is already colder and the leaves are falling off the trees. Winter will be here before we know it. This summer we spent lots of time with Grandpa Richard (Bumpah). Here he is with you by the river during a quad ride. And Mommy taught you about frogs and we even caught some! You did not like to touch them though!
We also took you to your first parade. It was the St.Paul Rodeo Parade. Grandpa, Rachel you and Mommy all went. It was a nice sunny day and you had no clue what was going to happen. You quickly caught on to catching candy tough! You especially loved all the horses and tractors in all different colors! It was lots of fun. We had you dressed like a cowboy just for the event.
Oh I almost forgot to mention your new pet friends, the black cats, Fuzzy and Buddy. Daddy decided we should get cats...for who knows what reason, and you are very excited about them. They only thing is that you don't understand how to be gentle with them, and I have caught you hanging them by the tail, the front leg, the skin, holding them around the neck and throwing them in the swimming pool. Mommy can't leave you unsupervised yet!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owen: More on Week 6

During the end of your sixth week Mommy was finally able to get you to smile! Nothing is cuter than a baby's gummy grin. Mommy also took some pictures of you with the striped crochet blanket that she made for you. During our trip to BC in May I worked on it as we spent a lot of time driving. It kept me busy and helped pass the time. Who knows which blankie you will attach to. I guess we will see.
Mommy also took a few pictures of you in some of the new outfits you received. The striped sailor suit is from Kelsey and Ian, and the black and red shirt, jeans and socks were from Mommy's coworkers at Extendicare.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Owen: Week 6

During the middle of your fifth week you and Mommy attended our first doctors appointement. There were other babies in the waiting room, born right around the same time as you! So neat to see the other babies.
Anyway, we all wagered a guess on your weight since you are a pudgy one. Mommy guessed 10 lbs and 2 oz, Daddy 10 lbs 6 oz and Rachel guessed 11 lbs. She was the closest! You actually weighed in at 11 lbs and 6 oz. Wow! I think Cody was much older than you before he reached that.
You were very good for the doctor and everything checked out fine.
It is during this time that Cody is showing some interest in you. At first he was not all that interested. Sometimes he is still a bit jealous, but nothing too serious. Mommy captured a few special poses of you and big brother Cody. He wanted to hold you and feed you. It was a very special moment for Mommy. Cody was so proud to hold you and was beaming from ear to ear. I pray that you will be good friends growing up. I hope you look out for each other and learn to love each other. At this point mommy is not sure she will have any more children. If not, it is just you two. Please be good to each other. You are both loved so very much. Daddy is so proud of his boys and is anxious to take you hunting and teach you to play ball. Mommy loves you both very much.
Here are some pictures of the two of you. Owen, I think you are a special little baby. You mean the world to Mommy, Daddy and Cody.

Owen: 5 Weeks

Oh baby Owen you are getting to be so cute as you develop your own look! You are looking more like little you, rather than just a "newborn" that is hard to describe.
Mommy really enjoys holding a little baby again. It's such a special feeling. I love the way you smell, especially the top of your head. And I like all the sounds you make while you eat. You remind me of a piglet. Daddy likes to cuddle you too, and likes your little facial expressions. I believe you are going to have a full head of hair just like Daddy and Cody. I don't think I will ever win a battle of combing your hair. Oh well, wear a hat! Cody's is always a mess, and if you look at this picture you will see that your Dad's is too.

The Adventures of Cody

Keeping a toddler busy now that Mommy is home full time is often a challenge. Age 2 is a very demanding age! Mommy tries to do as much as possible with you Cody despite the fact that she lacks sleep, and has to tend to a baby as well as do all the work around the house and yard. You are a funny little boy with quite an imagination.
On the nice days we spend as much time outside as we can. Summer is too short!
Here are some pictures of you having a good time. And also is a picture of the playground that Daddy bought for you. It took a long time to build it. In fact it took 3 days to build. First it started out with Mommy and Grandpa Richard. Then Daddy helped and then Brian our neighbour, who is a carpenter! Thank goodness it finally came together! What a job that was. So far you are really enjoying it though I cannot convince you to use the slide.
Here also are some pictures of you in Daddy's favorite jammies! When Mommy was ordering your new big boy underwear, she saw these wrestling jammies and just had to get them. The funny thing is that Sito thought it was an outfit and put them on you the day we came home from the hospital. So when Daddy walked into the house he had not seen them before and burst out laughing. Here you are displaying your muscles. The pictures are not that clear so i have to remember to take more photos before you out grow them!
Actually at the rate that Owen is growing, he will be wearing them too very soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Owen and Cody Comparison

So the other day Mommy took a photo of you, Owen and then brought it up on the computer. When I did I could not believe how much you looked like and reminded me of Cody in a similar picture. Here it is modified to include both. Owen you are on the left, and Cody you are on the right.
I think this is so weird since so many people have told me that Cody looked so much like Daddy and Owen looks so much like me. But there have also been many people to say that you look alike as babies. In these pictures Owen you are 5 weeks, and Cody you are about 10 weeks. Look how chubby Owen is already!

Owen: August 27th, Happy 1 Month Birthday

Well little man, the last month has officially FLOWN by. With such busy days caring for you and Cody, I had little time to look at the calendar! That is probably why I am busily trying to catch up on your posts and be up to date. You are one month old now and you have really grown. You quickly out grew the newborn sized sleepers by now, and quickly you are stretching the 0 to 3 month size in some brands. You are certainly a lot bigger than Cody was at this age.
You are developing the cutest chubby thighs and arms. And also a double chin. I love chubby babies!
You are alert and curious. You respond well to sounds, and actually when Cody is loud he wakes you up. You like to be held and carried, which is a problem at times since I can't put you down without you crying. It's a bit frustrating, but you are nice to cuddle with too.
Currently you wake up about 3 times in the night usually around 11 or 12, 3 and 5:30, then you are up by 7 am. Cody is up in the night too, so Mommy is quite tired.
I try to take you guys out when I can, mostly to keep Cody occupied. You have spent some time at Sito's house also, though you haven't slept over night. I think all those night feedings are hard on Sito!
I am so happy that you are healthy and happy. Happy 1st Month!