Sunday, June 12, 2011

Horses and Tractors

Cody ever since you were born we have labelled you as a little cowboy. We bought you a tiny cowboy hat, and 2 others since then as you have grown! Amazingly you have taken a natural liking to horses and are very curious about them. You notice them in pictures, in the fields, and are always wanting to see the ones we have by the barn.
Mommy and Daddy have bought you a pony named Missy you will get to know better over the next few years. But you seem to really like Buck our larger horse. Here you are proudly riding in the saddle. You have learned to hang on to the saddle horn already as we lead Buck around the yard. You look so small up there, but are so happy.

Mommy and Daddy also recently bought a small tractor to work around the yard with and to help with chores. You are curious about this too and are always eager to go for a ride. Here is Mommy trying it out for the first time!

Baby #2: 28/29 Weeks

Okay baby #2 you are kicking like crazy now, and Daddy can feel the subtle movements on Mommy's belly. You are managing to keep Mommy up at night already, and sometimes don't settle for awhile. Mommy's legs are swelling, and Mommy has lots of pain when she sits too long.
During this time we were in B.C. travelling around and site seeing. We will take you again when you can enjoy it a little more!
Mommy and Daddy have tried to tell Cody that he will have a brother or a sister but he doesn't quite understand.

More B.C. Pictures

Trip to B.C.

We decided to take a short family vacation in the middle of May to Rachel a chance to see the mountains. Rachel is Les' from Ontario who is living with us. Cody did very well on this trip. He watched movies in the truck, played outside, camped and had fun with Sophie, Katie's daughter. Owen and Katie are friends from Medicine Hat who joined us during part of the trip.

Cody is saying may words now including "What dat?" while pointing at everything he sees. He also says Daddy, Mommy, Gingi, uh oh, No, Hi, dank you (thank you), Yeah, Geez, Oh Nan (oh man) and a few other things. It is very cute. He also enjoyed an evening in the Hot Springs. At first he was quite scared, but soon adjusted and had fun splashing and jumping.

Mommy had a hard time on the trip due to Baby #2 taking up lots of room making it difficult to sit, and sleep. It was tiring but Mommy is happy we went.