Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just a few more pictures!


Owen: Our Sweet Baby

Its time now to wrap up your individual blog posts, and time now to blog on the whole family together. It has been a bit of a challenge juggling everything and finding the time to keep up your posts for you. I know it is completely worth it though because it's for you, Owen. Owen, you are the sweetest, most loveable baby anyone could ever ask for. Your bright smile, big calming eyes and friendly personality draw people to you. Many people have said to us "What a happy baby"! or "He's not shy at all"! or "I just love him". You have the ability to win over anyone just by being you. Mommy, Daddy, and Cody (though he doesn't know it yet), love you more than words can describe. There are moments that I just want to hold you and hold you and never let you go so you don't grow up big, and so you always fit in my arms! But you are growing anyway and what once was a tiny 8 pound baby is now a 24 pound toddler. You have the softest skin and the chubbiest little body that I want to squeeze! I love your laughter, your funny 6-tooth smile, and your beautiful baby talk. In the years to come we look forward to watching you learn to walk, run, and play along side your brother. I do hope you both learn to be the best of friends, though I can see there will be some rough and tumble moments. You are boys after all! Daddy loves you more than words can say. You bring out the big child in him. It's funny for others to see him baby talk to you, brag about you etc. since no one ever expected this from him. Daddy always says that he misses you both so much when he is at work, and is always asking for pictures. He says about 100 times per day just how cute you are. Owen you are so loved. You are the star in my day. Both you and Cody have each a special place in my heart and mind. Cody, well he's my bear and always will be. You've become my "baby bug". I don't know why, but you are. Your face has just a sweet innocence to it. Your eyes are the brightest, brownest, most chocolate ones I know of. I love you my baby. You will always be my baby. Daddy loves you, and Cody loves you. And those whose life you've already touched just by being here love you too. Now grow my sweet boy. Grow, be strong, be smart, and never forget that you are loved. Love You Forever, Mommy August 26, 2012

Owen: Daycare Birthday

It so happened that your real first birthday fell on the same day that you and Cody were at day care. So Mommy decided to bring a cake there just so all the little kids and the nice ladies who work there could sing to you too. Mommy picked up a fancy cake from the grocery store, since we are not allowed to bring a home baked one. One of my favorite pictures is of your eating the big piece of cake all by yourself. You are certainly not shy to try things out for yourself, and you are really gaining independence in feeding yourself. The girls say that it's funny to watch you at lunch time because they will give you a spoon to try, but you hold it in one hand and eat with your fingers on the other hand! You are a funny little monkey! Once we got home on your birthday we opened a few little gifts that I picked up just for you. You got a new western shirt, a tamborine, and maracas. You sure had fun making music with them. Mommy decided to give you a buzz cut too! You really needed a hair cut, and well it was just easier to buzz it off. Wow! Did it ever change that way you look and it made your hair look very blonde! The next day we took Max to the vet, and we then spent some time at the park! You are still too small to do most of the activities but you definitely had fun anyway. Cody enjoyed the slide and Max enjoyed the shade!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owen: Week 52, FIRST Birthday!

I mentioned earlier that I had just made a small birthday cake for Cody's 3rd birthday because we were planning to have a big double birthday bash for you two on the 15th of July. We invited lots of friends and had everything ready to go. Saturday was a beautiful day and we were geared up for a great party on Sunday. But as it turns was one GIANT FLOP!! Nothing at all went right! I thought I was organized, but I wasn't. I forgot things at home because I just had too much on my mind. Then the cake did not turn out. I had planned a scenic cake with a farm and tractors etc, but it did not turn out and didn't look great at all. Then the just poured and stormed all day!! It was miserable but we couldn't cancel. People showed up, they were freezing. The fire for the BBQ was not good enough to cook on. We got another BBQ but it meant everyone had to wait and wait. And the smoke nearly killed us. It took so long to get everything going that you fell asleep at the camper making it difficult to be in two places at once. Cody grew tired very quickly and did not enjoy himself at all. It was a total disaster. I was so so bummed about it that it actually took me a few days to get over it. I felt so bad. Now looking back, I guess those things happen. But it was disappointing. Anyway, that was Sunday and we were lucky to have Daddy home for a few more days. We decided to make you a birthday cake a few days earlier so that he could be there to sing to you, and watch you dig into your cake. I made you a very yummy chocolate bear cake with one big red candle. And we let you dig right in!! You did. It was so much fun. Uncle Darwin came and brought you new cowboy jeans, Wranglers, and a tractor book. Daddy brought you cowboy boots. Sito and Bumpa came over for cake and joined in the singing and laughing. You are such a sweet sweet baby. We love you so much.

Owen: Weeks 51

This week was a busy, and a hot one! The weather this month has been so hot it's pretty much unbearable. The house heats up like crazy and makes it difficult to be comfortable at all. There have been days that we come home and pretty much just stay downstairs. I strip you down to your diaper and you are happy! I even made a camp-out for us down in the basement. I set up the play pen for you and the air mattress for cody and I. But doesn't mean we slept all that great. Daddy was home on the weekend, and we spent time at the lake. We did some work on the lot, and also played outside, in the sand and did a little boating. Honestly though the boating really doesn't go well. Neither you or Cody really like it at this point. I think its the wind and loud noise. But Cody pretty much cries the whole time, then you start too. We played in the sand with Baby Emma, and I even let you float around in her look good in pink. On the following Tuesday, Mommy took you to see a paediatrician in Cold Lake. Daddy took Cody to the zoo! I think they probably had more fun, but really you were so good all day and it was nice to spend the day with you. We had the appointment because you still are not moving around very much. Right now you sit up, and turn directions on your bum, but you really don't move forward or back or even seem interested. Mommy is not all that worried, but it was worth checking out anyway right? Turns out, the doctor really didn't think there was anything wrong either. He believed that you are just slow to get started and probably will walk later than other kids your age...too bad you are very heavy!!! We are relieved at the same time though that there is nothing to worry about. Time for you to get moving roll-polly! Oh and that's the bruise you gave me! You bit me!