Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Owen: Week 19

During this week, Mommy took you to the health nurse for your 4 month immunizations. You cried, but actually not very much. You are now 17 pounds and 5 ounces!! Quite a heavy little man. And Mommy can feel it. There are times when you want to be held, and honestly Mommy's arms just get so tired. Cody loves to play outside, but it's too hard for me to pack you around. So I have been trying to find other ways to take you out without you getting cold. Thankfully we have had a mild winter so far. I am really happy about that! Actually there is hardly any snow at all. And the temperatures have been anywhere from 0 to -10. Not bad at all. It's making the winter seem less daunting that's for sure.
You still enjoy laying down and playing with toys dangling above you. However, you are getting more able to reach and hold onto the toys. You are also waving your arms more. Mommy thought she would try you in the jumperoo. Sito bought this when Cody was about 5 months and he was still too small for it. But not you! At 4 months you can already touch the floor.
Mommy has shown you how to bounce in it a bit and you smile and laugh. You also are starting to try bouncing yourself. It's very funny to watch. You are quite content in there for longer stretches. Cody enjoys putting on little shows for you by dancing around, riding his toys etc.
Now that the carpet is in downstairs we spend a lot of time playing. It's great! I am no longer tripping on the toys in the kitchen and living room.
It's getting close to Christmas. Before Daddy left we took the time to set up the tree and put out a few things.

Owen: Week 18

Mommy always seems to be playing catch up with this blog lately. Just seems like there are not enough hours in the day. Yet at the same time the day can sometimes feel long. A lot of it is due to the fact that you are not always sleeping the best at night. Some nights you are sleeping really well and waking only 1 or 2 times. But there are other nights where you wake up 6 or 7 times! Mommy is extremely tired and feeling a worn out. Between you and Cody waking up I am not sure why I even bother trying to sleep.
Anyway, around this time, Mommy has started to try baby cereal with you. You seem interested when we are eating so I thought I would give it a try. You are able to eat it abit, but still struggling. So there really isn't any hurry anyway. We also had a special visit from Auntie Kelsey and little baby Emma. She seems so small next to you already! She is about two months old now. She is small and dainty! Girls are so different. It's nice for Mommy to have a good old friend who now has a baby. Kelsey and I have known each other since...forever! We are the same age and grew up in the same place.
Grandpa Richard also comes to see both of you as much as possible and its to see him play and smile with you both. He has a lot of fun with Cody now since he is eager to see things and run around.