Saturday, April 21, 2012

Owen: A few more winter photos for March

Here are a few photos that I took of you outside while there was still snow on the ground but warm enough that we could play out side. Gotta love the month of March for its weird weather!
I was also able to find you a baby swing, and you love it! Good thing because Cody loves to swing too. So now you can both enjoy it. The fabric of your snowsuit is a little slippery though, so when we can get rid of that I think you will sit more comfortably in it and enjoy it even more.
At the very end of the month of March Mommy and Daddy drove to Leduc to get a new horse. He was given to Mommy by some very nice people. I wanted to change his name to Roland, but his original name of "Mister" has stuck. So he now is Mr. Roland I guess. Cody was very excited to see him but of course you are too young to understand. During the drive to get him, I made a toque to keep myself busy. It's one for a little girl, but I had a lot of fun getting you to model it for me. You were not too impressed though!

Owen: Week 33, 34, 35, & 36

Oh baby Owen, while I sit down to type this you are laying on the floor making all kinds of noises and hollering at me in your baby way. Mommy hasn't had hardly a free moment all month and again I sit down to try to catch up on everything! Man, the month of March literally went by in the blink of an eye. Mostly I think because I kept us very busy doing things to make it seem quicker until Daddy came home. March is usually when the rigs shut down for a while and Daddy can be home for more than just a few days. But March really flew. It seems like I just took your 7th month picture, and now I have taken your 8th. And it seems like yesterday that it was St. Patricks Day and I was looking for something green for you and Cody to wear!! Why does it seem to be going by so fast?
There are days that I can't wait until you can walk because you are so heavy, and other days that I don't want you to be too big to so that you won't fit in my arms any more. I want to be able to hold you forever, but also want to see you grow. I was looking at some pictures the other day of baby Cody and I just can't believe that it has already passed. I am so happy that I kept a blog, took lots of pictures and video. I never ever want to forget. I love you both so much.
You are such a little monkey! Mostly always in a good mood but you have learned to yell really loud if I turn away from you or you want something. Your teeth are coming in nicely. Two little chicklets!!
But not too much has changed it seems. Well maybe it's just more subtle. You are definitely using your hands better. You are able to grasp some smaller things and pick them up from your tray, like cheerios, and puffs. You are kicking your legs a lot and even standing a bit more, but still appear to be a bit of a lazy one!
Eating is going very well. We are trying all kinds of new things. You eat about 15 different things now, but like your brother don't seem to be taking to meat very well.
As always when Daddy came home he couldn't believe how much bigger you have gotten. I don't tend to notice it as much. You no longer use the infant car seat. You use the big one just like Cody. Which means you also get to sit in the shopping cart. Not really the easiest yet since you are still floppy at times. But there isn't much I can do except use a belt to hold you up.
The weather has flip flopped a lot ever changing from warm to cold and back again. Yesterday (March 31) was beautiful and we spent a large part of the day outside. Today on the other had it's a blizzard! Cody is very disappointed wondering why he can't go outside to see the animals and ride his bike.
So already like I said I am posting your 8th month picture. HAPPY 8 MONTH BIRTHDAY on March 27th.
Daddy is home from work now and should be for at least a month and likely more. He actually is going to take care of you boys when mommy goes back to work. That way I can have a little more time to find a day home. And daddy can be the stay at home parent!!
You are a very curious little one! You love laundry baskets and "helping" me with the laundry, much the way that Cody did. You like to pull everything out and putting everything in your mouth. Your major fascination is your feet! You have learned to eat your toes, and pull off your socks. You also like to munch on your socks too.