Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Good thing Mommy loves the beach! Cody loves it too.

Owen: Week 4

August has flown by and so have the little time we have had to spend time at the lake this year. While Daddy was on some days off we headed to the lake lot and spent 3 nights there. It was actually quite hot and I think you were a bit unhappy with it. We spent time at the beach while Cody play with Drew and Travis, Auntie Jolene and Uncle Tyler's kids. I am sure you both will play a lot with them over the years.
During the nights, Mommy slept with you on the couch bed and Cody slept with Daddy. No one really had a good sleep.
Here are some pictures of us you in the camper with the boys, and wearing your only little shorts outfit that Auntie Val, our neighbour bought for you while she was on vacation.

Owen's Special Photo Session

During your third week Mommy's good friend and very talented photographer, Auntie Lindsay came over to take some special pictures of us. Unfortunately Daddy was not here for these pictures. But you posed extra nice by keeping your beautiful eyes open! When we did the same thing with Cody, we couldn't get him to open his eyes at all!
Here are a few pictures from that day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Week 2 Pictures: Sweet Sleepy Baby

Owen: Week 3

This summer has not been a very nice summer. We have had tons of rain and many mosquitoes so chances to get to the lake have been few. We have had to spend a lot of time inside. Here are some pictures that Mommy took with her phone, to send to Daddy early in the morning. You are usually up around 7 am which really isn't too bad.
Daddy is back at work and Mommy is holding the fort down. It is challenging trying to juggle your baby demands with the demands of Cody. Mommy is very tired from the late night feedings and Cody waking her up also in the night. So sometimes the days are long and hard. I get frustrated too, but mostly because it's lonely without Daddy and from being so tired.
Not much is happening in way of events for you. You are a very hungry little man who wants to eat a lot. You are growing very fast. I can tell by the snug diapers and the newborn sleeps are getting too short. I can't believe how quickly you are gaining weight. You are a very good baby too. You don't fuss too much. You only really cry when you are hungry, or have gas which is normal for a little one like you.

Potty Training Yikes!

Well Cody, during Owen's second year of life it was time to potty train you. I would have loved to get it done before he was born, but it just didn't happen. I started because you started to show more interest in the toilet and because you said "I no want it", when I tried to put the diaper on. A month later as I am typing this we are still working at it, but today Aug 28, 2011 was the first day of not one accident! YAY! I am so pleased with you.
I have bought you lots of big boy underwear, and we use a pull up at night, because with a newborn I just don't have the energy to change sheets at night. You are doing well and I am so happy. I think it is partly because I finally found the key to your eggs and Rolos! I tried smarties and gummie candy but this now seems to have caught your attention.
Here is a picture of you in your own version of potty training attire. You love your cowboy boots and cowboy hat. You love to holler "Eeee aww Dowboy"! It is priceless.
Here also is a picture of you in the shower. You seem to like them lately.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Owen: Week 1 and Week 2

Now that Mommy is trying to play catch up with the blog entries it is hard to remember all that we have done since you were born. In fact as I am writing this I realize that tomorrow you will actually be 1 month old already. I really thought that the month of July dragged, but Wow August has gone by in the blink of an eye. So looking back it is hard to remember the first two weeks. It doesn't help that Mommy is not getting much sleep.
After you were born, Mommy felt quite good. When I had Cody I felt very tired and it was hard to do much. But this time it was different. I felt good and had more energy. So I tried to do as much as I could with you, Daddy and Cody. I knew that Daddy was not going to be home much longer so I wanted to have some time together.
The day I brought you home I gave you your first bath here. It was tricky remembering how small and slippery a baby is! I also put you to sleep in the bassinette. In these pictures you are wearing the blue touque they gave me at the hospital and you are wrapped in the small receiving blankets that I made and used for Cody.
Here is a picture of grandpa holding you for the first time.
Also, within your first week we took you to the lake where we have our camper and lot. You spent a little while on the beach!

Meet Owen Thomas Lambert

The first night was a long night, since Mommy couldn't sleep. You slept a lot and didn't make too much of a fuss. By morning Mommy was starving hungry and couldn't wait for Daddy to bring Cody, and for Sito and Rachel to visit.
The challenge for the day was to make sure that you kept up with the eating, and to pick a name for you!
Aside from the medical staff our first visitors were Daddy and Cody. Shortly after came Sito and Rachel. Then Grandma Barb, and Grandpa Richie. All were so happy to meet you, and of course Sito could not stop smiling!
The name that we thought we would use was Austin, however, after looking at you we weren't really sure it fit. We had a hard time coming up with any others, then Daddy suggested Owen. We had said we liked that name a long time ago, but never really brought it up again. So we tossed around the two names Austin and Owen. It took the better part of the day, but the more I looked at you the more I settled on Owen and Daddy was happy with that.
That night Mommy's friend (and assistant from work) Renee came to visit. She didn't have a choice, since the food was terrible and Mommy begged her to bring something decent to eat. And she did. She also brought along a gift for you. She is also having a baby, but still has a few weeks to go.
That night I didn't mind that the nurses took you to the nursing station, Mommy was so tired. You also got your first bath.
By Friday morning we were ready to go home. The doctor said you looked good- no jaundice and we could go. So Daddy came around noon and off we went. Waiting at home were Sito, Cody and Gingi (the weiner dog). Look at how small you are in that car seat. I can't believe it. I had forgotten how small Cody was.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Baby Boy

Here you are!! A bright little boy. You arrived at 10:31pm, on Wednesday July 27th 2011. You weighed in at 8 lbs and 1/2 ounce. You are 53 cm long. You are beautiful. You have lots of hair, and feel so tiny in our arms. Both Mommy and Daddy have forgotten how tiny a newborn baby is, and you look so small. You are an alert little bear with big eyes and a perfect nose. You look a lot like Mommy. Lucky you!
Mommy and you settled into our room by about midnight or so. I can't really remember. Daddy stayed a little while but he was very tired too. Neither of us have settled on a name. Daddy is busy making phone calls though and announcing your birth. I don't think he could be happier that you are a boy. Mommy is pleased too.
That night, Mommy didn't sleep at all. I guess it's just the excitement of meeting a new baby!

July 27th- Welcome to the World

Well little baby, your first due date came and went. Then your second due date came, with definite signs that you were on your way. Mommy attended a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, July 26th and the doctor said she didn't think it was close yet. I was very disappointed because at this time I am not sleeping due to the pain in my hips and constant need to pee. She says that if you don't arrive by Friday she may induce me (Mommy begged).
However, later on Tuesday I started to feel some labor cramps, and began to feel that you must be close to coming out.
July 27th, 2011 Daddy and Mommy went to town to run some errands. I can't remember now what we went to get, but it was probably groceries and a few other things. I think maybe something for the boat. Anyway, Mommy is still having mild cramps. By 3:00 pm after, I wake up from my nap with Cody, I definitely think that the time is near.
By about 6:30 pm I began walking in the yard in order to speed things up. I walked for more than an hour I think. Then went into the house to lay down.
By about 8:00 pm Mommy knew it was time to go to the hospital. Rachel, Daddy's cousin who lives with us, stayed with Cody until Sito could come and take over. They waited up to hear the news.
Mommy and Daddy arrived at the delivery room at 9:00pm. I remember thinking the traffic was so slow, and we even had to slow down for a bear crossing the highway.
Oddly enough, Mommy had the same baby nurse, named Jill that she had with Cody. She is a wonderful nurse and I won't forget her.
Well things went on for over an hour, but before long at 10:31 you arrived! The doctor used the vacuum to assist you so you came out quickly. There you were A BOY! ANOTHER BOY! Daddy and Mommy are very excited.

Baby #2 39 and 40+ Weeks

Hello little baby in there! Mommy, Daddy and Cody are still anxiously awaiting your arrival. By now Mommy is beginning to realize that the prediction that you would arrive early is not going to happen. Daddy came home from work a little early, thinking you may decide to join us.
Mommy's doctors appointments are once per week on Tuesdays. And I keep hoping there will be some sign of you. You are in position and ready to go, but I guess you need some more time. Daddy says he cannot believe how big my belly is. He says it looks much bigger than it did with Cody. I think so too, and in fact I have new stretch marks. I am thinking you are definitely going to be a bigger baby.
Mommy's due date by the calendar is July 26, but the ultrasound said that it was July 23.
On July 22, Daddy and I attended a friends birthday party. No one could believe that I was due the next day. But something told me you wouldn't arrive then. So we had a night out which was lots of fun.
Mommy can't wait for you to come out. I have bought one pink sleeper and one blue sleeper and packed them in my bag. My gut tells me you are another boy. Daddy thinks so too.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to Cody

Happy Birthday my little bear!! Cody you are 2 years old now and we cannot beleive it. Somehow the last two years have sailed by and you are changing by the minute. In the last two months you have begun to say so many words. And by now you are even putting two words together to communicate. Auntie Deb, your babysitter says that you are a real joy to have at the day home. You are such a clown! You love to dance and your expressions are priceless.

This year Mommy did not plan a big birthday party for you. Unfortunately she is too tired and Daddy could not be home for your birthday. So instead Mommy made you a cake and took you to Sito and Grandpa's (Jito and Papa) house to celebrate. Sito made a lunch for you and we sang you happy birthday. You do seem to understand a bit that this is a special day. You were very excited about your cake and the animals Mommy put on it. Two days ago Mommy made you cupcakes for the day home and they sang to you there. So I think you are getting the hang of it!

Here are your pictures. Happy birthday my big boy. Mommy and Daddy love you more than we can express.

Baby #2: 38 Weeks

Well little baby, you are still in there! One doctor told Mommy that you might be early, like Cody but by now I am thinking that you will not be. Mommy feels very big at this point, and is definitely noticing that her belly is bigger than it was with Cody. Mommy is so anxious to have you, that she thinks she is going crazy! Every little cramp I think I may be going into labor. So i just keep waiting for you.
By now I have your room set up with everything ready to go. Actually it's been set up for awhile and my bag has been packed to go to the hospital. I have cleaned everything, washed all the tiny sleepers, washed the crib and bedding and painted in your room. I painted one wall a bright green and left the others the sandy color that was already there. I have not had a chance to sew your curtains or crib skirt because I was sort of waiting to see if you are a boy or a girl. However, I did complete an afghan for your which is in your crib. It is striped cream and teal. I started it on our trip to BC in May and was able to get it down fairly quick.
I have also bought diapers, bottles etc. It is much easier to know what you need with the second baby.
Daddy is working but will be home for your due date and delivery, when it comes. Cody it say "beebee" and point to Mommy's tummy, though I don't think he really understands. It's very cute though to see him point, and rub my belly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Fun in the Water

Well between all the rainy days this year, we did actually get to have some fun in the water in June. This is the first time that Cody has really learned to play in the water outside of the bathtub! At first he was very hesitant, but with some coaxing and demonstration from Mommy, he caught on quickly. We also have tried to get to the lake as much as possible when the days are nice. Here is Cody with Ian hanging out in Beaver Lake.