Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby #2 39 and 40+ Weeks

Hello little baby in there! Mommy, Daddy and Cody are still anxiously awaiting your arrival. By now Mommy is beginning to realize that the prediction that you would arrive early is not going to happen. Daddy came home from work a little early, thinking you may decide to join us.
Mommy's doctors appointments are once per week on Tuesdays. And I keep hoping there will be some sign of you. You are in position and ready to go, but I guess you need some more time. Daddy says he cannot believe how big my belly is. He says it looks much bigger than it did with Cody. I think so too, and in fact I have new stretch marks. I am thinking you are definitely going to be a bigger baby.
Mommy's due date by the calendar is July 26, but the ultrasound said that it was July 23.
On July 22, Daddy and I attended a friends birthday party. No one could believe that I was due the next day. But something told me you wouldn't arrive then. So we had a night out which was lots of fun.
Mommy can't wait for you to come out. I have bought one pink sleeper and one blue sleeper and packed them in my bag. My gut tells me you are another boy. Daddy thinks so too.

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