Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Owen Thomas Lambert

The first night was a long night, since Mommy couldn't sleep. You slept a lot and didn't make too much of a fuss. By morning Mommy was starving hungry and couldn't wait for Daddy to bring Cody, and for Sito and Rachel to visit.
The challenge for the day was to make sure that you kept up with the eating, and to pick a name for you!
Aside from the medical staff our first visitors were Daddy and Cody. Shortly after came Sito and Rachel. Then Grandma Barb, and Grandpa Richie. All were so happy to meet you, and of course Sito could not stop smiling!
The name that we thought we would use was Austin, however, after looking at you we weren't really sure it fit. We had a hard time coming up with any others, then Daddy suggested Owen. We had said we liked that name a long time ago, but never really brought it up again. So we tossed around the two names Austin and Owen. It took the better part of the day, but the more I looked at you the more I settled on Owen and Daddy was happy with that.
That night Mommy's friend (and assistant from work) Renee came to visit. She didn't have a choice, since the food was terrible and Mommy begged her to bring something decent to eat. And she did. She also brought along a gift for you. She is also having a baby, but still has a few weeks to go.
That night I didn't mind that the nurses took you to the nursing station, Mommy was so tired. You also got your first bath.
By Friday morning we were ready to go home. The doctor said you looked good- no jaundice and we could go. So Daddy came around noon and off we went. Waiting at home were Sito, Cody and Gingi (the weiner dog). Look at how small you are in that car seat. I can't believe it. I had forgotten how small Cody was.

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