Sunday, August 28, 2011

Owen: Week 3

This summer has not been a very nice summer. We have had tons of rain and many mosquitoes so chances to get to the lake have been few. We have had to spend a lot of time inside. Here are some pictures that Mommy took with her phone, to send to Daddy early in the morning. You are usually up around 7 am which really isn't too bad.
Daddy is back at work and Mommy is holding the fort down. It is challenging trying to juggle your baby demands with the demands of Cody. Mommy is very tired from the late night feedings and Cody waking her up also in the night. So sometimes the days are long and hard. I get frustrated too, but mostly because it's lonely without Daddy and from being so tired.
Not much is happening in way of events for you. You are a very hungry little man who wants to eat a lot. You are growing very fast. I can tell by the snug diapers and the newborn sleeps are getting too short. I can't believe how quickly you are gaining weight. You are a very good baby too. You don't fuss too much. You only really cry when you are hungry, or have gas which is normal for a little one like you.

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