Friday, January 20, 2012


Don't have to say much here! It's just plain FUN!

Owen: Week 23

Just as the end of Week 22 baby Owen you turned 5 months old! Yippee! Again, my how time flies. Christmas has just passed us and we are in about the middle of Daddy's days off. He decided to go sledding in the mountains for a few days. He loves it, and can't wait for you and Cody to be old enough to go.
One thing he brought home from work was a cold! And unfortunately the whole family caught it from him so I have a few pictures of him laying down with you guys since everyone is feeling a little under the weather.
New Years Eve came and went without too much excitement. I guess daddy and I are getting old! And it will be awhile until you are both old enough to party it up! That's when my grey hair will start.
During this time I gave you your second little hair cut or trim. You have a very dry scaly scalp that I just can't seem to clear up. So I have been putting oil on your head to moisturize it. But with all that hair it's a little tricky so I decided to trim a little off! Here are a few pictures of you at Mommy's Hair Salon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Owen and Cody Merry Christmas!

Owen during your 22nd week it was Christmas. You two boys were especially spoiled even though we said we wouldn't do that! But really it is a lot of fun! Poor little boy you don't really understand what is going on yet. Cody is incredibly overwhelmed! With each gift he is excited and doesn't understand what to do next. One present or 100 presents and it would be the same. Some of the big ticket items this year were a beautiful toy barn, a play kitchen, lots of cars, and gee I can't even remember! On Boxing Day Daddy's family came over to open gifts and for lunch. Cody got an awesome power tool set. And you got some baby tools! And you also got lots of clothes and jambes. Everyone had a great time and the season this year was very nice. The weather was mild and I really enjoyed not having to pack you all up to go somewhere else. It was nice to lounge around in our jammies. Sito and Bumpa also came for lunch and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow-what I am going outside!

Cody, no matter what there is no stopping your from wanting to play outside. I think its great. That was the whole point of moving to the country anyway. It's just a little tricky when the weather isn't cooperating, and as I mentioned when it's not always easy to get Owen out there too. Once he can sit up on his own it will be easier. Here are some pictures of you playing outside. The rosy cheeks are my favourite!

The one of you sleeping, was one where you passed out on the floor one night. It was a day when you refused to have a nap. You are kind of at an in between stage right now, and some days you just don't want to. Anyway I was giving Owen a bath and I called you to come have yours. Well you didn't answer. So when I came into the living room to get you, there you were passed out on the floor. It was pretty cute. It was about 6:30pm.

Owen: Week 22

Well little one, Christmas is just around the corner now. Only a day or so until Daddy will be home from work. Just in time for the holidays. He is super excited. We went to visit your Great- Judo, or great grandpa. Mommys grandpa Otto. His birthday is Christmas Day, and I believe this year he is 83. We now visit him the day before or so, rather than on his birthday because its just too hectic there, in such a small house. Also, because he can't hear very well, it's easier to visit when there are not so many people around. He gets a real kick out of how chubby you are! And he loves to hear you and Cody laugh. You are the third of his great grandchildren, followed this fall by Madina your cousin in Edmonton.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Owen: Catch Up Pictures

Here are several pictures that I took at the beginning of the month of you with my phone. Sometimes it's confusing using the two different cameras because I have to remember which one I took the pictures on. These were taken between December 1- 8, 2011. I have been bundling you up in the stroller and carseat to take you outside. You are just to heavy for me to carry in my arms. And even in the carrier you are too heavy it is a bit hard on my back. Maybe Mommy is just a big wimp!

Owen: Week 20 & Week 21

Oh now you have been out half as long as you were in Mommys belly growing! The time just seems to be going by too fast. As I have said before I am always trying to catch up with the blog and make some entries so you will have a good baby book just like Cody. But two kiddies are busy for mom!
About this time Mommy took a little photo session of you, just for fun. You love getting undressed because you are so ticklish and
love being naked. You absolutely love your bath. So it's always fun getting you ready to go in the tub. You are such a smiley little guy. You really don't cry much at all.
You are quickly learning how to bounce in your jumperoo and giggle when we bounce you too. You also like when mommy dances with you in her arms and swings you around. You are trying harder and harder to roll over from your back to your tummy but its more of a turn at this stage. You can turn over from your tummy, but mostly because you really hate being on your tummy.
You constantly have your chubby hands in your mouth. I have been checking your gums to see if there are any teeth coming but nothing yet.
Mommy is busy right now getting some things ready for the holidays. We already have some gifts for you and Cody. Also Mommy is starting to do some baking because this year Christmas supper with Daddy's family is going to be at our house.
Although I never celebrated much when I was a kid, I really do like this time of the year. I like some of the decorations and just the warm cozy feeling of the house. This year I am happy to have you and Cody here. You mean everything to Daddy and I. All the sleepless nights and fatigue and all the other stuff is really worth it no matter what. You are very special little people.