Sunday, October 30, 2011

Owen: Week 12

On the 20th of October Daddy finally came home after a very long stretch of work! He missed you both very much. He brought home plenty of things for the two of you. For Cody some new toys and for you, baby Owen, some new clothes! What a lucky little boy. Not all your clothing has to be hand-me-downs! Daddy is getting into bow hunting now, which is not too thrilling for mom. It means I have to listen to hunting stories for 2 months of the year not just one! But Daddy is excited because he is eager to have you two boys be old enough to start learning about hunting with him. You both better like hunting or we are in big trouble.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Owen: Week 11

Mommy is a little behind and needs to catch up on posts!! During your 11th week we had a very pleasant surprise. Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Ian welcomed Baby Emma into the world. Mommy was waiting to hear the news but not for awhile longer. That little baby decided to come early! And she is perfect. Possibly a potential girlfriend for you!! Mommy is excited because now she can buy pink things too. Don't worry I still love buying boys things, but it's a nice change. This week we are also anxiously awaiting daddy coming come. Only a few more days and he will be here. I am sure he will notice a very big change in you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Owen Fall Pictures

Fun in the Leaves with Cody

Fall has been very nice so far. We have had a warm September and October. I decided to try to catch a few pictures of you two in the leaves before they start to look to dry or are covered in snow. I wanted to do this a littler earlier, but we did have some rain so it was not going to work with Owen. Here are some fun photos of Mr. Cody playing in the leaves.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Owen: Week 10

Week 10 has been a busy one! Mommy has continued to work on the basement, with Sito's help so it's getting closer to being done. You have been pretty much the same this week. However, I have noticed that you are establishing a better nap routine for the morning which makes things easier for me. Also you are starting to let out a few giggles when I tickle you! It is very cute and doesn't happen often yet, but I am sure you will be laughing in no time. I can't wait. That is one of my favorite things about babies.
It was both Daddy's birthday and our Anniversary this week. Mommy and Daddy have been married 7 years already! Daddy was not able to be here to celebrate, so maybe when he comes home we can bake him a cake and sing happy birthday to him.
The weather has been awesome this week so Mommy took some time to take some pictures of you and Cody in the leaves and sun! I love fall, and actually October is my favorite month. The pictures turned out pretty good, though I couldn't get one of you and Cody together.
I don't want the cold weather to come. I would be happy if it just stayed like this until spring!
Here are some pictures of you in the bath, and of you and Cody. He is displaying his new touque.
Thanksgiving is Mommy's favorite holiday. We all went to Sito and Grandpa's house to have a turkey dinner. You just barely fit into the Thanksgiving outfit we bought when Cody was a baby! The two of you are such different sizes. But you look just a sweet in it. Actually I think green is your color. You have beautiful brown eyes and they just look nice with green. What a heartbreaker you are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being a Kid

There is nothing like being a kid when your main concerns in life are what toys or get to play with, what messes you can make and just having fun. Cody you are at such a cute age where everything new fascinates you. You also pick up everything now, from words to actions to behaviours! Here are a few pictures of you smiling at the simple things in life! Your new house coat which you have decided to wear now. It is from Uncle Jared and Auntie Dana. Also, this time of year we have a lot of Bluejays flying around. Mommy put out some bird seeds so that you can watch them. You find this very interesting!
Eventhough Mommy is a grownup I still like to play with things like Crayola wax crayons, your play dough and paints. It's fun to watch you create things, and to guess what Mommy is making. Mommy isn't much of an artist though!

Owen: Week 9

All of a sudden as I am about to catch up on this entry I can't really think of what we did during your ninth week! Well let's see...the weather wasn't so great so we couldn't really do too much outside. One day we went to two to visit one of mommy's friends while my car was being serviced. We visited Renee who also had a baby boy just four weeks after you were born!
Cody played a bit with Courtney, who is about a year older than him. When he used to go to the dayhome she also went there. I think she remembered him, but he did not remember her.
You pretty much slept the whole time we were there. Renee lent mommy a little play mat for you to lay under and look at the things dangling over your head. It has a mirror and plays music. You are really fascinated by it.
I also took some pictures of you in a little pair of jeans. You have already outgrown one pair, and actually I don't think you will be wearing these either as they were pretty tight already! You are such a little marshmallow. Mommy loves it so much!
Sito also can't get enough of your chubby cheeks and tummy! She has been helping Mommy out with you two so that I can get the painting done in the basement. We are getting close to being done finally, and you and your brother will have a nice playroom. Here is a picture of you all bundled up Sito style.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Owen: Week 8

Hello my ever growing and chubby baby! This week you turned 2 months old! Happy 2 month Birthday. Everyday you seem to get cuter and cuter. You are wiggling more and more. We had a nice visit this week with Auntie Jolene and her boys. They like to hold you and we were able to get some nice pictures. We also went out to the grain field and took some pictures with the straw bales. Cody would not cooperate though. On your 2 month birthday we visited the health unit for your first immunizations and to get a check up. You are 13 lbs and 1 oz. Wow! You are so much bigger than your brother was. You are already wearing the clothes he wore at 3 and 4 months old. You have also grown about 4 inches in length! I can certainly tell since many sleepers are already too short.
We also recently had a special visit from our friends Owen, Katie and Sophie. The last time we saw Owen, you were still in Mommy's belly. Owen is very proud to share his name with you! He has been our friend for about as long as we have been married so he is special friend. And he is a real clown! Someday you will find that out.