Sunday, June 10, 2012

Owen: Weeks 44 & 45

Now that you can sit up so well on your own, mommy can sit you safely on the hard floor and not worry so much that you will bang your head. I have a rummage cupboard for you to play in that I had made for Cody when he was small. That way you stay out of the other cupboards! It's working for now but I am sure that as soon as you start to crawl or walk it won't interest you to just stay in that cupboard. You like to pull everything out, bang things together and open and close the doors. It's fascinating work! You are accepting bigger lumps in your food now and Mommy is also able to give you finger foods that you gum around in your mouth! It's very funny to watch and you are learning quickly to eat pancakes, fruit, cheerios, rice, carrots, peas etc in bigger pieces. Mommy will be very happy when we can all eat the same foods and baby food isn't such a task. The weather has warmed up enough that we had the opportunity to plant a small garden. Beacause you two are so little yet, I can't plant a big garden. With all the weeds it is just too time consuming and difficult with you guys. Next year might work better and I hope to plant a garden closer to the house anyway. Really at this point you are really only just able to sit in the wagon and watch. But you are happy doing that. Cody has his own shovel and he helped with the digging for the potatoes. He also covered Max the dog in dirt. During the end of your 44th week, we celebrated your 10 month birthday! You have changed in size, shape and abilities so much. You are a smiley one so it's usually very easy to get a smile for the pictures. You are a happy little guy. You are working on your fifth tooth and I think the sixth is coming too. You are drooling like a tap! Poor little guy. You also have your first ear infection. Sito first noticed that you were not feeling good, and before long your ear was very sore. This is the first one I have had to deal with too. I took you to the doctor, and within a few days you were feeling much better! Your 45th week is your last week at home full time with Mommy. After this you and Cody will be going to the daycare. Mommy is nervous. But I am sure you will be just fine. It's sad too that the time has gone by so fast. I enjoyed my time at home much more this time around. Must be because it is so active around here, and we did so much together. You have been such a good good baby.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Clown Cody

Owen: Weeks 44 & 45

Here are a few more pictures from Mother's Day, and also some pictures of you and Cody playing with an umbrella. What fun! Daddy and I spent some time trying to make our lake lot look a little nicer, and also took you two to the beach. It's way to cold to go into the water, but it is lots of fun just to play in the sand. Rain or shine Mommy is trying to do as much as possible with you boys before she has to go back to work! It won't be long now! Makes Mommy sad, but it's also exciting to start something new again. Mommy has spent a lot of time on the phone talking to people who run day homes and day care to find a good place for you to go. Right now there are not many options so Mommy is starting to feel bad about leaving you. However, there is a new day care in town that seems really nice and we are going to go there soon for a few play dates so we can get a feel for what it will be like. Owen, I think you will be just fine since you are such an easy going boy. But Cody I am not sure!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Owen: Weeks 43 & 44

At the end of your 42nd week (9 and 1/2 months) we had a special mothers day! We went to Grandma Barbs house where all of her kids and grandkids got together. It was a hot day and a beautiful one. We dressed you up in western wear and you and Cody were (still are) the cutest cowboys in the world! We were able to take some beautiful pictures of you boys. Grandpa Norm has old tractors and buildings and made nice settings for the pictures. Shortly after the nice visit and weekend Daddy had to get ready to go to work. Funny thing is that mommy was actually going to go to work early and daddy was going to be a stay at home dad! But that must have scared him because he decided to go to work instead. No, as it turned out it made more sense for him to go. Sad to see him go though and he was very sad to leave. He spent so much time with Cody outside, and the early mornings with you so mommy could sleep in. You get up early!!! I know daddy can't wait for you to be old enough to go out to the shop and dig in the tools too! We have gotten to a point that we know we can't take you on long drives! You just do not do well. The 2 hour drive there, followed later by the 2 hour drive home was just too much on mothers day. You cried all the way home and it made for a very long drive. We decided that it is certainly time to turn your car seat around to face forward. We think the fact that you can't see us or really anything is what makes riding in that seat so crappy for you. In fact, I think it was the day after that we were driving to the lake lot and Daddy had enough. He pulled over and switched your seat around! You were much happier. And the seat has stayed that way ever since.

Owen: Weeks 41, & 42

Well after that sickness finally left the house, it didn't take long for you and Cody to get your energy back. As the warm continued to be warm we took you outside as much as possible. Cody is a big help with the chickens now, and you baby Owen are thrilled just to sit and stare at them. Or you just play with your toys in the wagon and throw them on the ground. The wagon is your main mode of transport now. You are just too heavy to carry around the yard. And if I put you on the grass then you find things to put in your mouth. One time I didn't even realize until we got back to the house that you had a mouthful of dirt. I have been working on teaching you to use a sippy cup because I would like to get you off the bottle sooner than later! The day when i don't have to wash bottles anymore will be a good one! As always you constantly take off your socks. Thank goodness for the warm weather because I don't even bother putting them on anymore. Before long they are scattered on the floor anyway or you have put them in your mouth and they are soggy. You are a very happy baby. Even with teething you hardly fuss. You now have the two bottom teeth, and two front top teeth are through now. You are working on the fifth one too. In this post I am also putting up your 9 month photo. I looked back at Cody's 9 month one and I can't believe how much you two are looking very different. You do look similar, but there are definite differences. Both of course are very very cute though.