Saturday, June 2, 2012

Owen: Weeks 41, & 42

Well after that sickness finally left the house, it didn't take long for you and Cody to get your energy back. As the warm continued to be warm we took you outside as much as possible. Cody is a big help with the chickens now, and you baby Owen are thrilled just to sit and stare at them. Or you just play with your toys in the wagon and throw them on the ground. The wagon is your main mode of transport now. You are just too heavy to carry around the yard. And if I put you on the grass then you find things to put in your mouth. One time I didn't even realize until we got back to the house that you had a mouthful of dirt. I have been working on teaching you to use a sippy cup because I would like to get you off the bottle sooner than later! The day when i don't have to wash bottles anymore will be a good one! As always you constantly take off your socks. Thank goodness for the warm weather because I don't even bother putting them on anymore. Before long they are scattered on the floor anyway or you have put them in your mouth and they are soggy. You are a very happy baby. Even with teething you hardly fuss. You now have the two bottom teeth, and two front top teeth are through now. You are working on the fifth one too. In this post I am also putting up your 9 month photo. I looked back at Cody's 9 month one and I can't believe how much you two are looking very different. You do look similar, but there are definite differences. Both of course are very very cute though.

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