Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Owen: Weeks 39 & 40

So after our vacation to the States it was definitely back to reality for Mommy and Daddy. We got to sleep in on our trip, but not once we got home. Mommy actually felt very tired. It must have been jet lag. After a few days we needed to go into Calgary to pick up equipment for Daddy's shop. We decided to take a family trip and take you two to the zoo. We had a great time at the zoo, though we noticed that Cody, you were tired, and did not seem to be yourself by the time noon rolled around...little did we know! That the trip home was going to be very long and messy. You poor little guy, you puked all over daddy's truck and it didn't end there. We stopped at Nathan and Sabrina's (mommy's cousin) to clean up and you just kept puking. It was very strange, and you had never ever been sick like this before. We didn't know what to think. Well it turns out that it went on and on. You had some kind of flu or stomach bug. You were very sick for days, then Daddy got it, and then Baby Owen you got it too!! Mommy also got it, but not as bad as the rest of us. It went on for ten days! I began to think that I was never going to see the end of the puke and the diarrhea. It was awful.
At first we couldn't do much since Cody was so weak he didn't even leave the couch. But we had baby chickens arriving at the post office! It was pretty exciting stuff, but not as much fun when you are that sick. (you are much more interested it them now) Baby Owen, you were not sick yet when we got the chicks, so you were very interested in trying to grab them! It was fun for us to watch. We also took you both out to the lease for our first wiener roast of the year. It was fun, but again not as much fun when you are sick. Baby Owen, aside from the sickness there have been some new developments! During the time we were gone, your third tooth cut through. This is the top centre right tooth. You also are sitting up perfectly without support. Though you do have the occasional flip backwards and get mad moment! I not longer need the laundry basket as you are quite fine sitting on the floor now. Its forcing you to reach more too (hint hint start crawling!!). We also said HAPPY 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY to you. Now you have been out as long as you were in! And my have you changed!

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