Saturday, April 21, 2012

Owen: A few more winter photos for March

Here are a few photos that I took of you outside while there was still snow on the ground but warm enough that we could play out side. Gotta love the month of March for its weird weather!
I was also able to find you a baby swing, and you love it! Good thing because Cody loves to swing too. So now you can both enjoy it. The fabric of your snowsuit is a little slippery though, so when we can get rid of that I think you will sit more comfortably in it and enjoy it even more.
At the very end of the month of March Mommy and Daddy drove to Leduc to get a new horse. He was given to Mommy by some very nice people. I wanted to change his name to Roland, but his original name of "Mister" has stuck. So he now is Mr. Roland I guess. Cody was very excited to see him but of course you are too young to understand. During the drive to get him, I made a toque to keep myself busy. It's one for a little girl, but I had a lot of fun getting you to model it for me. You were not too impressed though!

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