Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owen: Week 50

Wow Baby Owen we are getting nearer to your first birthday! Cody's just passed and we went to Sito's and had a pool party. Uncle Darwin came over and brought Cody his birthday present which was a very nice horse puzzle. We then played in the pool and cooled off. We have been having lots of hot weather, and you definitely are a water baby! At home, you also started driving your own car. Funny thing was that I put you in that car thinking you would not really like it. But actually I could not get you out. When I tried you cried and wanted to sit in there all day! It was pretty funny to watch you. It sure kept you busy for a long time! As usual I am catching up with the blog posts and I am trying to remember everything. It was around this week I am pretty sure that you said your first word other than "Mamamamama mama" You said "Hi"!! It of course is very cute because it is so quiet and soft. You started saying it when I came to get you out of the crib. Then we noticed you saying it to Cody, and to Gingi the dog. After awhile you began saying it on the phone. Just pretending when I would hold it up to your ear. I also took a few pictures of you sleeping in my bed. I feel like I am having a rerun with baby Cody at this point because you are not sleeping well. You used to but now you are getting up in the night again. Mommy is getting very tired. Things are continuing to go well at the daycare, you are getting your 7th tooth, and are growing, growing!!

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