Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owen: Weeks 51

This week was a busy, and a hot one! The weather this month has been so hot it's pretty much unbearable. The house heats up like crazy and makes it difficult to be comfortable at all. There have been days that we come home and pretty much just stay downstairs. I strip you down to your diaper and you are happy! I even made a camp-out for us down in the basement. I set up the play pen for you and the air mattress for cody and I. But doesn't mean we slept all that great. Daddy was home on the weekend, and we spent time at the lake. We did some work on the lot, and also played outside, in the sand and did a little boating. Honestly though the boating really doesn't go well. Neither you or Cody really like it at this point. I think its the wind and loud noise. But Cody pretty much cries the whole time, then you start too. We played in the sand with Baby Emma, and I even let you float around in her look good in pink. On the following Tuesday, Mommy took you to see a paediatrician in Cold Lake. Daddy took Cody to the zoo! I think they probably had more fun, but really you were so good all day and it was nice to spend the day with you. We had the appointment because you still are not moving around very much. Right now you sit up, and turn directions on your bum, but you really don't move forward or back or even seem interested. Mommy is not all that worried, but it was worth checking out anyway right? Turns out, the doctor really didn't think there was anything wrong either. He believed that you are just slow to get started and probably will walk later than other kids your age...too bad you are very heavy!!! We are relieved at the same time though that there is nothing to worry about. Time for you to get moving roll-polly! Oh and that's the bruise you gave me! You bit me!

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