Sunday, August 26, 2012

Owen: Our Sweet Baby

Its time now to wrap up your individual blog posts, and time now to blog on the whole family together. It has been a bit of a challenge juggling everything and finding the time to keep up your posts for you. I know it is completely worth it though because it's for you, Owen. Owen, you are the sweetest, most loveable baby anyone could ever ask for. Your bright smile, big calming eyes and friendly personality draw people to you. Many people have said to us "What a happy baby"! or "He's not shy at all"! or "I just love him". You have the ability to win over anyone just by being you. Mommy, Daddy, and Cody (though he doesn't know it yet), love you more than words can describe. There are moments that I just want to hold you and hold you and never let you go so you don't grow up big, and so you always fit in my arms! But you are growing anyway and what once was a tiny 8 pound baby is now a 24 pound toddler. You have the softest skin and the chubbiest little body that I want to squeeze! I love your laughter, your funny 6-tooth smile, and your beautiful baby talk. In the years to come we look forward to watching you learn to walk, run, and play along side your brother. I do hope you both learn to be the best of friends, though I can see there will be some rough and tumble moments. You are boys after all! Daddy loves you more than words can say. You bring out the big child in him. It's funny for others to see him baby talk to you, brag about you etc. since no one ever expected this from him. Daddy always says that he misses you both so much when he is at work, and is always asking for pictures. He says about 100 times per day just how cute you are. Owen you are so loved. You are the star in my day. Both you and Cody have each a special place in my heart and mind. Cody, well he's my bear and always will be. You've become my "baby bug". I don't know why, but you are. Your face has just a sweet innocence to it. Your eyes are the brightest, brownest, most chocolate ones I know of. I love you my baby. You will always be my baby. Daddy loves you, and Cody loves you. And those whose life you've already touched just by being here love you too. Now grow my sweet boy. Grow, be strong, be smart, and never forget that you are loved. Love You Forever, Mommy August 26, 2012

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