Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owen: Week 52, FIRST Birthday!

I mentioned earlier that I had just made a small birthday cake for Cody's 3rd birthday because we were planning to have a big double birthday bash for you two on the 15th of July. We invited lots of friends and had everything ready to go. Saturday was a beautiful day and we were geared up for a great party on Sunday. But as it turns was one GIANT FLOP!! Nothing at all went right! I thought I was organized, but I wasn't. I forgot things at home because I just had too much on my mind. Then the cake did not turn out. I had planned a scenic cake with a farm and tractors etc, but it did not turn out and didn't look great at all. Then the just poured and stormed all day!! It was miserable but we couldn't cancel. People showed up, they were freezing. The fire for the BBQ was not good enough to cook on. We got another BBQ but it meant everyone had to wait and wait. And the smoke nearly killed us. It took so long to get everything going that you fell asleep at the camper making it difficult to be in two places at once. Cody grew tired very quickly and did not enjoy himself at all. It was a total disaster. I was so so bummed about it that it actually took me a few days to get over it. I felt so bad. Now looking back, I guess those things happen. But it was disappointing. Anyway, that was Sunday and we were lucky to have Daddy home for a few more days. We decided to make you a birthday cake a few days earlier so that he could be there to sing to you, and watch you dig into your cake. I made you a very yummy chocolate bear cake with one big red candle. And we let you dig right in!! You did. It was so much fun. Uncle Darwin came and brought you new cowboy jeans, Wranglers, and a tractor book. Daddy brought you cowboy boots. Sito and Bumpa came over for cake and joined in the singing and laughing. You are such a sweet sweet baby. We love you so much.

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