Sunday, August 26, 2012

Owen: Daycare Birthday

It so happened that your real first birthday fell on the same day that you and Cody were at day care. So Mommy decided to bring a cake there just so all the little kids and the nice ladies who work there could sing to you too. Mommy picked up a fancy cake from the grocery store, since we are not allowed to bring a home baked one. One of my favorite pictures is of your eating the big piece of cake all by yourself. You are certainly not shy to try things out for yourself, and you are really gaining independence in feeding yourself. The girls say that it's funny to watch you at lunch time because they will give you a spoon to try, but you hold it in one hand and eat with your fingers on the other hand! You are a funny little monkey! Once we got home on your birthday we opened a few little gifts that I picked up just for you. You got a new western shirt, a tamborine, and maracas. You sure had fun making music with them. Mommy decided to give you a buzz cut too! You really needed a hair cut, and well it was just easier to buzz it off. Wow! Did it ever change that way you look and it made your hair look very blonde! The next day we took Max to the vet, and we then spent some time at the park! You are still too small to do most of the activities but you definitely had fun anyway. Cody enjoyed the slide and Max enjoyed the shade!

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