Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Big Boy Turns 3!!

OH MY HOW TIME FLIES!! Cody my big boy you are now three years old. You are such a special, loveable little man. Mommy and Daddy AND baby Owen love you very very much. This year for your birthday you received a brand new bike!! Your very first two wheeler called a Strider. It has no pedals. You love it and are learning to cruise! This year you asked for a John Deere birthday cake and that is what you got! Mommy made you a small cake, because we are planning to have a bigger birthday party for you and Owen on the 15th of July. Either way I had fun making the cake and boy were you excited to see it! Mommy and Daddy also got you a new bike helmet with "Diego" on it. He is a kids character that you love to watch on t.v. He is an animal rescuer! It came with matching knee pads too. You also received a new "cowboy" belt with buckle (every cowboy needs one you know), and more tractors! One of Daddy's friends Derek, bought you a very nice tractor toy, with a thing to pull behind...mulch ripper I think. You were thrilled. On your birthday Sito came over and spent most of the day with us. We played all day and went out to the field to take some nice pictures of you and Owen. Mommy bought you matching shirts for Canada Day! You had fun running in the flowers, and picking wild strawberries with Sito. You looked so cute wearing your cowboy gear. You are one handsome boy! Sito bought you a soft ball and bat! And Daddy made a very quick, special trip home for you on your birthday. He brought you another ball and bat and your own little digital camera. We ate BBQ chicken and sang happy birthday to you! Later, the following week Mommy brought ice-cream to the the daycare and the girls made you a little ice-cream party! Lucky boy.

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