Sunday, July 22, 2012

Owen: Week 48

Well the next little while went by quickly (I realize how quickly as I try to catch up on blog posts again), and actually I didn't think to take many pictures. Of course with work starting the days seem to go by even quicker, and I can't believe that June is so quickly passing by. On June 7th Mommy turned 30!!!! Daddy sent Mommy a very beautiful bouquet of roses to work. And you and Cody made Mommy the most precious birthday card with your hand prints on it! It is so sweet and the best thing in the whole world to celebrate my birthday with you two. Auntie Kelsey, Uncle Ian, Lindsay and Baby Emma all came over and we all had supper together. You had a taste of chocolate cake and let me tell certainly wanted more!! You were hollering until we would put more in your mouth. Here are some pictures of a day that Mommy took you to the lake. Also some from Mommy's birthday, and some of you playing with some very cute baby dachshund puppies!

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