Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owen: Week 49

Bah! My pictures for some of these posts are a little mixed up here but that's okay! As long as they end up in a post for this blog and I catch up on all the important things that have happened in this past while. On the nice days we spend as much time outside as we can. I know winter will be here before long and summer is just too nice to be outside. Mommy is finding that the busy days at work lend to quiet days with you two at home. We all fully enjoy them. We get to sleep in, wear our jammies, play outside etc etc. We also try to get in a little visiting too. One day when you and Cody were having many giggles in the swings I snapped these pictures. I love your facial expressions and Cody's posing! At the end of June Daddy was home, and we spent some time at the lake. We are trying to do this as much possible too because its so nice to be there. The water at this time is still too cold to swim in but I am hoping that it will be warm soon. Right now we play in the sand, take walks and make fires. One day Daddy looked after you and Cody while Sito and Mommy went to Edmonton to have a break and do some shopping. We had a relaxing day. Daddy said you boys were very good, and you even had a visit from Grandma Barb and Grandpa Norm. They brought Cody an early birthday present! A new tractor. I am sure by the time you are three and he is five you both will have enough John Deere Tractors to open your own store! During week 49 your turned 11 months old!! Yikes one month to go and you my little one will no longer be a "baby" per se. You are a puzzling little boy. You do so much with your hands and make lots of noises. You say Mom mom mom, and gah gah gah. However, you really have not progressed to crawling or much yet. Mommy had a doctors appointment for you at the end of June. The doctor didn't think there was much to worry about but he did make an appointment with a paediatrician for you. So we will see what he says. Maybe you are just a bit lazy? Maybe you are just content staying put? You are a happy little one!

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