Saturday, July 7, 2012

Owen: Week 46 & 47

The last few days before Mommy returned to work were busy and went by quickly. Mommy took you two to Cold Lake where Auntie Kelsey watched the two of you and her baby Emma (three kids yikes)! Mommy went shopping for a few hours to get you both some clothes and summer things. You both were very good for Auntie Kelsey! Mommy bought a sunshade type tent so that we can have some protection when we go to the lake. Its a bit too sunny for you baby Owen and sunburns hurt! Of course Mommy couldn't just leave it in the package. Cody insisted we set it up on the deck. It made for a fun afternoon of going in and out and trying it out! Later on in the week Auntie Kelsey brought baby Emma over for a swimming party in the pool on the deck. It was lots of fun with splashing, and laughing! Emma wasn't as impressed but you and Cody had a lot of fun. And the next day Mommy started work!!! On June 5, 2012 you and Cody began your first day of daycare. Mommy was very very nervous about dropping you both off. But the first drop off wasn't so bad...the worst was yet to come. You are the most happy baby, so it didn't bother you at all to be left there with the new ladies! You flirted and played. Cody was a little more reserved, but didn't do too badly. After that, the second day, the third day etc were harder for all of us. You actually continued to do well. Didn't seem to be bothered much, but Cody had a lot of difficulty with be left there. There was a lot of crying and Mommy felt very bad. But knew that you both were in good hands. Unfortunately, you got yet another cold!! Poor little boy, you were very sick and Mommy even missed a day of work during that second week of work/ daycare. Mommy felt discouraged because you have been sick quite a bit. But that is the joy of "sharing" at day care!

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