Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tired Cody

Cody you are in a funny stage or age right now. You are sort of in between needing naps and not needing naps. The result? On the days that you don't have one, you pass out almost anywhere in the house! It's cute, but man look out when you wake up. You are the grumpiest bear around!
Nevertheless, when you are awake you are a goofy monkey. You are rarely without your cowboy hat and boots, and are always up for posing for a picture or two.
Some new things you have mastered are usually putting your boots on correctly, twisting and opening door knobs, and learning to pull down your pants by yourself. You are doing pretty good on the potty now, though pooping still seems to be an issue. I am sure you will catch on soon. Though lately you have been telling me "big poop mom" when you poop your pants, and then "I love my poop!"

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