Saturday, February 18, 2012

Owen: Week 29

Well Mommy is really going to try to stay up to date with entering these blog entries now. I am caught up as of this post I think so now I will try not to get behind. Daddy really looks forward to reading the updates and seeing any of the new pictures that we have taken while he is away. I think he feels a little more connected to us since he gets to see updated pictures almost daily. Just think how it would be if we didn't have the technology we have now. I remember being in about Grade 5, so about 19 years or so ago, we had these old computers to work on. They only had black and green screens and really didn't do much. The animation was poor and we thought it was so great!! Wow how things have changed. I remember getting "email" and how cool that was. And now with iPhones and all the technology I can send daddy videos of you daily and we can even use FaceTime and look at each other while we talk.
On Feb 7 we went to the nurse so you could get your 6 mo immunizations. You didn't really cry at all. You really are so content. You did well on the charts though you are a bit slow in the gross motor. I think it is because you really hate being on your stomach. But you are doing well over all. You officially 21 lbs. Yes, that is the same thing that Cody weighed at 1 year!! You are hefty and really are heavy to carry around!
Big news is that I can FINALLY feel and see your first two teeth! The two middle bottom ones are here. You did not too bad with the teething. You were a little fussy but it was hard to tell if that was because of the needle or what. Mommy is going to miss your gummy grin. That is probably my favourite baby thing!
We have been getting outside everyday for about 30 mins to 1 hour. It can be tricky with you since you don't sit up well in a slippery snowsuit, but we are figuring it out!
On the 11th I took you and Cody to your first birthday party. I dressed you both in button down shirts and nice pants. You both looked so cute, and we well behaved while we were there.

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