Sunday, February 12, 2012

Owen: Week 27

So BANFF it is! Once Daddy arrived home, we decided that it would be nice to take a road trip to the mountains with Levi, Uncle Mike and Laurie. None of them had really been to the mountains. Levi also got a new snowboard from us for his Christmas and birthday present and we thought he may like to try it out!
So we packed up in the truck and hit the road. It was a good trip all in all. It of course is never easy travelling with kids because it is so different for you two. Cody was grumpy and whiny a lot due to mixed up sleep schedule and you were actually pretty good. With you still drinking formula, we had to find ways of having it available to you.
We did stop off in Edmonton to go to West Edmonton Mall. Its just something you have to see if you are in Edmonton...for Uncle Mark and Laurie mostly.
One night day rented us a very nice room in Banff which was HUGE! We took you and Cody in the pool there, where you sported a pair of trunks since Cody would not give up his body suit for you.
We had a lot of fun.
After the mountains we headed to the Red Deer area to stop in and see Grandma Davidson who is your Great Grandma on Daddy's side. And after all this time finally got a picture of her with you and Cody.
During this week you also turned six months old. Happy 6 month Birthday sweet boy!

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