Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow-what I am going outside!

Cody, no matter what there is no stopping your from wanting to play outside. I think its great. That was the whole point of moving to the country anyway. It's just a little tricky when the weather isn't cooperating, and as I mentioned when it's not always easy to get Owen out there too. Once he can sit up on his own it will be easier. Here are some pictures of you playing outside. The rosy cheeks are my favourite!

The one of you sleeping, was one where you passed out on the floor one night. It was a day when you refused to have a nap. You are kind of at an in between stage right now, and some days you just don't want to. Anyway I was giving Owen a bath and I called you to come have yours. Well you didn't answer. So when I came into the living room to get you, there you were passed out on the floor. It was pretty cute. It was about 6:30pm.

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