Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Owen and Cody Merry Christmas!

Owen during your 22nd week it was Christmas. You two boys were especially spoiled even though we said we wouldn't do that! But really it is a lot of fun! Poor little boy you don't really understand what is going on yet. Cody is incredibly overwhelmed! With each gift he is excited and doesn't understand what to do next. One present or 100 presents and it would be the same. Some of the big ticket items this year were a beautiful toy barn, a play kitchen, lots of cars, and gee I can't even remember! On Boxing Day Daddy's family came over to open gifts and for lunch. Cody got an awesome power tool set. And you got some baby tools! And you also got lots of clothes and jambes. Everyone had a great time and the season this year was very nice. The weather was mild and I really enjoyed not having to pack you all up to go somewhere else. It was nice to lounge around in our jammies. Sito and Bumpa also came for lunch and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

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