Friday, January 20, 2012

Owen: Week 23

Just as the end of Week 22 baby Owen you turned 5 months old! Yippee! Again, my how time flies. Christmas has just passed us and we are in about the middle of Daddy's days off. He decided to go sledding in the mountains for a few days. He loves it, and can't wait for you and Cody to be old enough to go.
One thing he brought home from work was a cold! And unfortunately the whole family caught it from him so I have a few pictures of him laying down with you guys since everyone is feeling a little under the weather.
New Years Eve came and went without too much excitement. I guess daddy and I are getting old! And it will be awhile until you are both old enough to party it up! That's when my grey hair will start.
During this time I gave you your second little hair cut or trim. You have a very dry scaly scalp that I just can't seem to clear up. So I have been putting oil on your head to moisturize it. But with all that hair it's a little tricky so I decided to trim a little off! Here are a few pictures of you at Mommy's Hair Salon!

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