Sunday, January 8, 2012

Owen: Week 20 & Week 21

Oh now you have been out half as long as you were in Mommys belly growing! The time just seems to be going by too fast. As I have said before I am always trying to catch up with the blog and make some entries so you will have a good baby book just like Cody. But two kiddies are busy for mom!
About this time Mommy took a little photo session of you, just for fun. You love getting undressed because you are so ticklish and
love being naked. You absolutely love your bath. So it's always fun getting you ready to go in the tub. You are such a smiley little guy. You really don't cry much at all.
You are quickly learning how to bounce in your jumperoo and giggle when we bounce you too. You also like when mommy dances with you in her arms and swings you around. You are trying harder and harder to roll over from your back to your tummy but its more of a turn at this stage. You can turn over from your tummy, but mostly because you really hate being on your tummy.
You constantly have your chubby hands in your mouth. I have been checking your gums to see if there are any teeth coming but nothing yet.
Mommy is busy right now getting some things ready for the holidays. We already have some gifts for you and Cody. Also Mommy is starting to do some baking because this year Christmas supper with Daddy's family is going to be at our house.
Although I never celebrated much when I was a kid, I really do like this time of the year. I like some of the decorations and just the warm cozy feeling of the house. This year I am happy to have you and Cody here. You mean everything to Daddy and I. All the sleepless nights and fatigue and all the other stuff is really worth it no matter what. You are very special little people.

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