Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Owen: Week 17

HAPPY 4 MONTH BIRTHDAY this week, my little man! You are growing very quickly, but ummm...more in girth than anything! I love your chubby cheeks so much that I really cannot stop kissing them. Daddy came home just a few days ago and also cannot believe your size. He is having so much fun making you laugh and smile. He's constantly saying "Mommy look!" and showing me how he can make you laugh. It is so sweet.
During this week, we have been busy with things around the house, but Daddy has also been hunting. Your cousins Ross and Brad, the two oldest grandchildren of Grandma Barbs, were here hunting. I think this is the third year in a row that we have had them come out.
I think Daddy is a bit disappointed with hunting this year. He hasn't seen any really big bucks that he wants to pursue and hunt. He's usually got one picked out. One thing he is really happy about is that the basement is almost done and his gun room is ready. It's looking very nice.
We have not noticed any major changes in terms of your development this week. We are just really happy to see that you are such a smiley and happy baby.

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