Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Owen: Week 16

The cold weather is here and Mommy is trying to get you two out as much as possible to keep sanity for all of us. Mommy has started to take Cody to the pool, which he is enjoying. But you are a bit little yet, and it's hard for me to deal with both of you at the same time. So mommy has been leaving you with Auntie Najala for a little while during the time that we go swimming.
During your 16th week, your Great-Grandma Cadieux, Grandpa Richards Mom, turned 91. The family hosted a very nice party for her with all of her children and as many grandchildren that could come. We took the opportunity to take some pictures with her. Unfortunately Grandma's memory is not the best in the recent months and she has been having more trouble remembering the grandchildren and great grandchildren.
It was said at the party that your Grandpa Richard was the biggest of all of her 11 children weighing about 10 pounds.

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