Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

In preparation for Halloween this year, I decided to carve a pumpkin with you boys. Well I thought Cody would be more into it but you were not! You were more interested in eating the oatmeal cookies we baked for Grandpa Richie earlier!
Earlier in the month Mommy took you two, with her friend Krista, to Wal-mart to go shopping and see about picking out a costume for Cody. Well it was easy. Cody, you just picked it out yourself. As soon as you saw a red fireman hat you stuck it on your head and wore it the whole time we were in the store. So Mommy grabbed the matching coat to go with it. It was so funny because for about 3 days after that was all you would wear.
Weird how it happened though, because you did not want to where it when it came to Halloween. You were very grumpy and didn't enjoy trick or treating. Owen, of course you are too little to understand what was happening. But Mommy had fun painting a mustache on you and making you into the cutest cowboy there ever was!

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