Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Owen: Week 7

Hello again my chubby baby. Yes you are chubby! It is the most adorable thing. I think there are 5 baby rolls on each thigh. This week was an eventful one for you. We went to pick up daddy in Edmonton so that he could come home on days off. We spent lots at Costco stocking up the house with diapers, wipes, new books for you, food and many more things!
This week you have begun to smile much more. During diaper changes you smile a lot and especially when we tickle your belly and cheeks. You smile with a big open mouth, gummy smile. You also have begun to use your legs a bit. You kick in the bath tub now (you LOVE your bath) so much that I have already had to put the baby tub inside the big tub to contain the splashes.
I have heard you coo a few times, but not much yet. You are responding well to sounds, by turning your head and moving your eyes. In fact you are a light sleeper, you wake up with noise such as the vacuum. You make good eye contact and are already learning to flirt! Daddy has enjoyed making you smile.
Also during this week we went to visit mommy's cousin Laurie and her two kids, Andrew who is almost 3 and Everly who is 4 mo. Cody had a bit of a melt down, but you were a very good baby. I hope to spend more time with them so that Cody will have a play mate and you both will learn who your cousins are. Uncle Darwin doesn't have kids yet so there are no first cousins on Mommy's side.
Daddy's stay at home was short, but hopefully it won't be long until he comes home again!

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