Friday, September 2, 2011

Owen: August 27th, Happy 1 Month Birthday

Well little man, the last month has officially FLOWN by. With such busy days caring for you and Cody, I had little time to look at the calendar! That is probably why I am busily trying to catch up on your posts and be up to date. You are one month old now and you have really grown. You quickly out grew the newborn sized sleepers by now, and quickly you are stretching the 0 to 3 month size in some brands. You are certainly a lot bigger than Cody was at this age.
You are developing the cutest chubby thighs and arms. And also a double chin. I love chubby babies!
You are alert and curious. You respond well to sounds, and actually when Cody is loud he wakes you up. You like to be held and carried, which is a problem at times since I can't put you down without you crying. It's a bit frustrating, but you are nice to cuddle with too.
Currently you wake up about 3 times in the night usually around 11 or 12, 3 and 5:30, then you are up by 7 am. Cody is up in the night too, so Mommy is quite tired.
I try to take you guys out when I can, mostly to keep Cody occupied. You have spent some time at Sito's house also, though you haven't slept over night. I think all those night feedings are hard on Sito!
I am so happy that you are healthy and happy. Happy 1st Month!

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