Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Adventures of Cody

Keeping a toddler busy now that Mommy is home full time is often a challenge. Age 2 is a very demanding age! Mommy tries to do as much as possible with you Cody despite the fact that she lacks sleep, and has to tend to a baby as well as do all the work around the house and yard. You are a funny little boy with quite an imagination.
On the nice days we spend as much time outside as we can. Summer is too short!
Here are some pictures of you having a good time. And also is a picture of the playground that Daddy bought for you. It took a long time to build it. In fact it took 3 days to build. First it started out with Mommy and Grandpa Richard. Then Daddy helped and then Brian our neighbour, who is a carpenter! Thank goodness it finally came together! What a job that was. So far you are really enjoying it though I cannot convince you to use the slide.
Here also are some pictures of you in Daddy's favorite jammies! When Mommy was ordering your new big boy underwear, she saw these wrestling jammies and just had to get them. The funny thing is that Sito thought it was an outfit and put them on you the day we came home from the hospital. So when Daddy walked into the house he had not seen them before and burst out laughing. Here you are displaying your muscles. The pictures are not that clear so i have to remember to take more photos before you out grow them!
Actually at the rate that Owen is growing, he will be wearing them too very soon.

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