Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh that little boy

Cody is the busiest boy! Well I am sure all kids are at this age. But Cody, my boy you are into everything. Mommy no sooner cleans up, and you are into something scattering a trail behind you. You are famous for unfolding folded clothes too.
Here you are helping roll out dough for biscuits. You love to "help". Actually it is fun watching you try to do the things mommy is doing. The funniest lately was allowing you to crack an egg!
You are talking non stop trying to form sentences and string words together. Some of your funnier words are "tocket mook" or chocolate milk, "Eenack" or Kleenex, "Wunny Gunk" or Funny Skunk". And the way you say "Thank you" is Mommy's favorite-- "Oooh thaaaank you".

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