Saturday, October 8, 2011

Owen: Week 9

All of a sudden as I am about to catch up on this entry I can't really think of what we did during your ninth week! Well let's see...the weather wasn't so great so we couldn't really do too much outside. One day we went to two to visit one of mommy's friends while my car was being serviced. We visited Renee who also had a baby boy just four weeks after you were born!
Cody played a bit with Courtney, who is about a year older than him. When he used to go to the dayhome she also went there. I think she remembered him, but he did not remember her.
You pretty much slept the whole time we were there. Renee lent mommy a little play mat for you to lay under and look at the things dangling over your head. It has a mirror and plays music. You are really fascinated by it.
I also took some pictures of you in a little pair of jeans. You have already outgrown one pair, and actually I don't think you will be wearing these either as they were pretty tight already! You are such a little marshmallow. Mommy loves it so much!
Sito also can't get enough of your chubby cheeks and tummy! She has been helping Mommy out with you two so that I can get the painting done in the basement. We are getting close to being done finally, and you and your brother will have a nice playroom. Here is a picture of you all bundled up Sito style.

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