Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Owen: Week 10

Week 10 has been a busy one! Mommy has continued to work on the basement, with Sito's help so it's getting closer to being done. You have been pretty much the same this week. However, I have noticed that you are establishing a better nap routine for the morning which makes things easier for me. Also you are starting to let out a few giggles when I tickle you! It is very cute and doesn't happen often yet, but I am sure you will be laughing in no time. I can't wait. That is one of my favorite things about babies.
It was both Daddy's birthday and our Anniversary this week. Mommy and Daddy have been married 7 years already! Daddy was not able to be here to celebrate, so maybe when he comes home we can bake him a cake and sing happy birthday to him.
The weather has been awesome this week so Mommy took some time to take some pictures of you and Cody in the leaves and sun! I love fall, and actually October is my favorite month. The pictures turned out pretty good, though I couldn't get one of you and Cody together.
I don't want the cold weather to come. I would be happy if it just stayed like this until spring!
Here are some pictures of you in the bath, and of you and Cody. He is displaying his new touque.
Thanksgiving is Mommy's favorite holiday. We all went to Sito and Grandpa's house to have a turkey dinner. You just barely fit into the Thanksgiving outfit we bought when Cody was a baby! The two of you are such different sizes. But you look just a sweet in it. Actually I think green is your color. You have beautiful brown eyes and they just look nice with green. What a heartbreaker you are.

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