Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubbles are fun

Now that Cody has learned to stand on a chair, I can't do dishes or anything at the counter without him. He will crawl under the table, try and push one of the chairs out to indicate that he wants to stand beside me! It's very cute and special to me. I like standing next to him, because he enjoys splashing in the sink and otherwise helping me. He's my little sidekick.

Something he is not so fond of is being my touque model. I need a little head for the childrens touques I make and he is the only one around. So sometimes he is wearing a boys touque and other times a girls! His chubby cheeks look so cute with a little "skully" on his head!

Currently his vocabulary consists of "Yaahahahah" when he is excited he shouts that out, "Diss" for anything he wants or wants to show you", "Hi", and "ruff ruff" when you ask him "What does Billie say"?

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