Friday, August 13, 2010

Max the Moose

So we have had Max, our Rottweiler for about 2 years and he really is an awesome dog. However, he is a roamer and a garbage picker so I have been tying him up at nights so he will stay out of the neighbours garbages. I got this kennel to contain him instead of tying him up. Well, so I thought. Since I have been putting him in it he always seems to find a way out! Some mornings when I think he is in there, he is actually bouncing around on the porch!
So anyway the other night I watched him try to get out and I saw how he was doing it. He was using his feet to reach between the door and the frame to pry it open. I actually videoed it. So I went out there and put 2 bungee straps around the door to prevent him from getting out. The first night it worked. The second night...well this is what I woke up to! He actually busted it off the hinges instead. And again was bouncing around on the porch telling me he outsmarted me. That bugger!

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